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Hard Not Impossible Production Inc was Established in 2013 by Adonai Interiano and Elizabeth Madera. Count on the  HNI Team to  accommodate your daily Production needs from Pre-Production to Post.


Our Mission is to Provide Professional Production Services with Hollywood Standard Quality for all our customers.

Our Services:

We can assist you with: Production Crew, Lighting & Grip Equipment, Camera Equipment, Sound Equipment, Film Insurance, Film Locations, Film Permit Assistance, Post Production and Much More...!


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Elizabeth (818) 824-4426 11400 W Olympic Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90064


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Adonai Interiano



Adonai is CEO and Founder of HNI Production Inc, a highly-in-demand film, television and photography company based in Los Angeles. He has loved photography since childhood, when he made paper cameras and pretended to take pictures of family and friends. That love became love for the film industry later in life, and as young as he is today, he brings several lifetimes of experience in every aspect of it to his company. He has credits as Executive Producer, Producer and Lighting/Grip Set Designer for top names such as Facebook, NBA 2017 Games and the new Infiniti, most recently. He worked for 5 years as the Shop Floor Manager of Cineworks, a 30- year-old company based in North Hollywood. He has worked as a Producer, Gaffer, Grip,  Sound operator, 2nd A.D. Production Assistant in commercials, music videos, YouTube productions, television and short films. He branched out into independent production with the web series and the short film Star Trek Capitan Pike.

A practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Adonai studied with Todd Shawn Tei, a USA kickboxer champion and Hall of Fame of Martial Arts who worked as Jacky Chan’s bodyguard and trained with Master Ip Man's two sons in China. Armed with this devastating skill set, Adonai then cracked the ranks at Warner Brothers, landed himself a plum role as an actor and grappled with Batman on his 75th anniversary. His acting credits include DC All Access.

HNI Productions reflects its Founder’s creative mind and wandering eye for all the skills and knowledge the world today offers. Like its founder, it makes its name by striving far beyond what we believe to be our limits to capture the essential beauty and emotion of the world around us, to inspire us and to do so with passion, discipline and vision. When you know our CEO's, you know why we chose our company name. “Hard Not Impossible” Production Inc.

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Elizabeth Madera


Elizabeth graduated high school at the age of Seventeen, she continued her schooling and held a part time in retail. Having realized that life had more to offer, she went out to explore her options of employment. Elizabeth fell into the field of clerical administration, where she later obtained a position as an office clerk for a production equipment rental company called Cineworks operating  over 30 years in the film industry based in North Hollywood. After years of eagerly learning the odds and ends of the film industry, Elizabeth grew fascinated with helping others with their productions. She began taking Film Productions courses at a community college, where she would further pursue her career within film. As Elizabeth continued to work for the production equipment rental company, she started contemplating having her own production company to produce her own projects. After years of hard work and commitment, Elizabeth along with her partner Adonai established their own production company in 2013. After working full time and running a business, Elizabeth went freelance with her production company in June 2015. Over seven years of experience within the film industry, Elizabeth is known for her clerical mind set and various positions of production such as: Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Assistant, Set Design, Wardrobe, Photography, Videography and others areas of production as needed. She has had the privilege of working with many Productions Companies, Filmmakers, Directors, Producers and Celebrities. Elizabeth continues to work on various productions, events and helping others with their production needs.

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Horacio Z. Flores


Horacio having studied at the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles, he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in the areas of Game Art and Design. As he ventured off into the world of opportunity, he found himself in an established position at NBC Universal as an Image Technician. With such prestige and hidden talent, it did not end there. Horacio's hunger for photography was observed by many and enjoyed by most, leaving him with a hobby at heart. Later coming to realize what he had known for fun became a lasting career of 12 years. Horacio's skill brings such elegance, poise and grace, that his photographs leave you breathless. Not long after Horacio was discovered by Hard Not Impossible production Inc for his true potential and dedicated work ethic, he became part of the team where he continues to express his creative eye of Photography and Film.

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Joshua Paul Miller


Joshua began working in the entertainment industry as an actor in 1994, booking his first series on the Sci-Fi Channel. From a young age he spent his formative years in theater, acting, directing, writing, and producing. He was professionally teaching non-linear video editing by 1997 and had already spent a decade learning to utilize cameras, lighting and methods of storytelling. Making the leap toward cinematography in later years, he has been shooting and directing a variety of projects from short films to music videos, commercials and more. Armed with the latest technology that the film industry has to offer, the sky is now the limit.

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Luis Guzman

Marketing Director

Luis is a Humanitarian and Entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army with the 101st Airborne Division as an Staff Sergeant, Luis has traveled to over 32 countries and 39 different states, received an Honorable Discharge and is recognized as a U. S. Army Disabled Veteran. With over 20+ years in Security and Law Enforcement, His discipline and structure helped him use these skills in the world of Entertainment. Luis has worked with several Mega Artist in the Industry doing Music videos, Concerts and Special Events.

Production Services

We can assist you with: Production Crew, Lighting & Grip Equipment, Camera Equipment, Sound Equipment, Film Insurance, Film Locations, Film Permit Assistance, Post Production and Much More...!

*Hollywood Standard Quality

*Full Film Production Service

*Full Photography Production Service

*Pre-Production & Post

*Production Permit Assistance


*Production Rental Equipment (Lighting, Grip, Cameras Equipment, Sound Equipment and Much More  )

*Production Crew ( Director, DP, Gaffer, Grip,  Camera Operator, Production Coordinator, PA, and More)



Elizabeth (818) 691-4052

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